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Looking Up – Revisited

Chris Kenison Photography - Looking Up - Revisited

Tweet So, I was at Dave Wilson’s website the other day (he’s a great tog btw) and I saw a very striking image of a capital building dome taken from the inside and that gave me a few ideas. I really wish I could have found the image to give you some reference. I will […]

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A River Runs Through It

Chris Kenison Photography - A River Runs Through It

Tweet Here’s a quick post for the day. A little background on it: I took this photo on some land next to my parents house. I’ve driven by it several times, but never had the opportunity to photograph it… that is until recently. The funny thing is that this picture was taken on someone’s driveway. […]

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The Bridge

Chris Kenison Photography - The Bridge

Tweet This is another angle of the same bridge that I posted yesterday. I liked this shot so much that I tried several variations of it. I think, until my B&W satiation has been sated, I will probably post both a color and B&W version on my blog. Today, I’m going a little further and […]

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10 Stops on a Bridge – Attempt #1 – Question to my followers

Chris Kenison Photography - 10 Stops on a Bridge

Tweet Alright, so this was my first attempt with the 10 stop neutral density filter. It was a lot of fun: changing settings trying to get a perfect exposure. It’s definitely going to take a little getting used to. This is a bridge that a friend of mine brought to my attention. It’s an old […]

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The Old Governor’s Mansion – Personal Office

Chris Kenison Photography - Governor's Desk (B&W)

Tweet The other day, I showed you an image of the governor’s office. Well, that was the fancy office, usually used when hosting meetings with important individuals. When the governor had personal business to attend to, he (sorry ladies, but Montana’s first female governor wasn’t elected until 2001, and this is the OLD governor’s mansion) […]

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