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Butte Mine: Trains – Update: Happy Valentine’s Day Adrienne!

Chris Kenison Photography - Bute Mine: Trains

Tweet Another image from the Butte Mine series. When I visited, there were three old trains. These are two of them. I believe that they were used to transport the miners around… at least that would explain the old benches in them! 😛 These are directly under the gigantic headframe. I was processing this picture […]

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Butte Mine: The Locker Room

Chris Kenison Photography - The Locker Room

Tweet Here is another shot from the Butte mine. They have a couple of different locker rooms for the workers. It’s pretty neat. I always wondered what it would be like to live back then. Back then, there would be a ton of saloons and brothels… and Butte wasn’t any different. That, by the way, […]

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The Mines of Moria… – #FF: Jacques Gude

Chris Kenison Photography - Mining Building - Butte Montana

Tweet So, here is a new mini-series for you guys: The mines of Moria… just kidding. They’re in Butte, but the other title sounded way cooler, didn’t it? 😀 This shot is of a building in Butte, Montana. Haha… very funny. I’ve actually never heard it called, ‘Butt’. Really. Seriously though… it really is the […]

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Careful where you step! Also, new before/after functionality!

Careful where you step!

Tweet Recently, I’ve decided that one of my projects is going to be ghost towns. Being from Montana, there isn’t a lot to photograph, especially in winter! Sure, I know that a good photographer takes advantage of his/her surroundings, but let’s face without a mean truck (I drive a Honda) and a snowmobile (I don’t […]

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Windows to your Soul

Tweet Here’s another one from Butte, MT. You can’t tell from the image, but this was a causeway/walkway from one building to another. When I saw it, I was immediately drawn to it. I think it was the fact that I saw 4 of the same windows, but each had a different covering. You can […]

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